Byblos Drive Yards is an archaic corporation nestled among countless other factions all vying for pride of place in the galactic markets. The many aging and mothballed factories of the Byblos' ship builders hold the unenviable reputation for producing vessels of questionable quality, however they have carved a niche out of being exceptionally flexible with regards to their clients' needs.

It is no secret that the palms of the decision makers in Byblos Drive Yards are easily greased, and that for the right price they'll make any adjustments you desire. These dubious practices set BDY apart from the majority of their competition, and it is the revenue from these less altruistic practices which subsidises the continued production of much needed spacecrafts for the hardworking peoples of the galaxy.
Irrespective of the casual slander levelled against the company due to its many failures, Byblos Drive Yards have nevertheless produced some or the more widely adopted fighter and freighter designs in the galaxy today. Designs such as the freighter Asteroid Mining Platform E-2 and the G1-A Transport fighter frame.

Once fat on royalties from the few successes Byblos Drive Yards can claim, the corporation is now little more than a footnote in a competitive marketplace. Under new leadership it is the hope of major stakeholders that the shipyards can rekindle its former glory and produce some much needed innovation within the stagnant research and development fields.

After setting up the Noctru Corporation, a construction business which was very successful and earned millions of credits, The Nautolan, Anax Noctru wanted to expand his activity to other fields.
With this idea in mind, he looked around the various companies that had the best potential and that were affordable to him. However none convinced him fully. Then, for a series of events that some would call casuality, Anax came to know that Byblos Drive Yards was going through problems with its ownership.

His offer to buy the company out was initially discarded, but subsequent negotiations worked the magic: Anax managed to prove the validity of his plans for the future of the company and Byblos Drive Yards' management understood that the take over would have been in the best interests of all parties. When asked about the deal, Anax stated: "I'm not a perfect trader. I'm just always on the right place."

Now located in Polis Massa, this shipyard business has given and still gives new opportunities to his new owner. The yards are currently producing large ships such as Quasars, YV-666 and Tabders, freighters such as the well-known BFF-1 bulk as well as ships on-demand.
Future plans are always being devised to increase the catalogue of available ships.